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Friday, January 4, 2019

Call of Duty Mobile Android beta goes live, here’s how to play and Download

Call of Duty Mobile Android beta goes live, here’s how to play and Download

The increased popularity of the Battle Royale genre of shooting games can be credited to Fortnite and PUBG, but a fair amount of credit also goes to Call of Duty, the game that contributed to the popularity of shooting games. Every Call of Duty game is massively anticipated on PC as well as consoles, and its publishers, Activision, are now hoping to tap into the mobile segment to emulate the success of PUBG Mobile and Fortnite Mobile.
Activision has teamed up with Tencent Games to release Call of Duty: Legends of War, it’s newest first person shooter for the Android platform. The game combines the familiarity of the Call of Duty universe and brings it over to Android in a game that would certainly grab the attention of fans of the fps genre.

The game features multiplayer (with game modes like Free4All, Search & Destroy, Team Deathmatch and Frontline) as well as a zombie mode, so you can go against humans or practice your hands with some bots. You can play as iconic Call of Duty characters like Price, Ghost and others, and like all other free-to-play games, you can customize your character and weapons using the in-game currency which can be earned (read: grinded) by playing through the game, or can be purchased through real world cash.
Call of Duty: Legends of War has just been soft launched in Australia. Maps available on launch include Nuketown, Killhouse, Hijacked, Crossfire, Standoff and Crash. IAP options are not yet live within the app, but we expect them to make their way into the game once it is available globally.

Download – Call of Duty: Legends of War

If you’re looking to play the game before its global release, you can follow along the steps mentioned below to have it running on your Android device:
• Download the apk file from APKMirror.
• Install the apk onto your phone.
• Start the installed game. The game will sit at the initial loading screen.
• Exit the game. You can also force stop the app to ensure that the game process has been killed.
• Download the additional OBB file (~1.06 GB) onto your phone.
• Extract the OBB file to /Android/obb/com.activision.callofduty.shooter. Ensure that the OBB file ( sits within the com.activision.callofduty.shooter folder.

source - Xda developer, raddit

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Parallel Universes and the Multiple Reality Theory

Parallel Universes and the Multiple Reality Theory

A new scientific theory suggests that death is not the terminal event we think.
A while ago, scientists reported they found the first evidence of parallel universe.
This discovery lead us to a thought-provoking subject called “Biocentrism”
Robert Lanza, M.D, scientist, theoretician and author of “Biocentrism” – How Life and 

Consciousness are the Keys to Understanding the True Nature of the Universe thinks there are many reasons why we won’t die.
To him death is not the end, as so many of us think. We believe we will die, because that is what we have been taught, Robert Lanza says in his book.

Will You Continue To Live In A Parallel Universe?
There are many scientific experiments that seriously question the term death, as we know it.
According to quantum physics certain observations cannot be predicted absolutely. Instead, there is a range of possible observations each with a different probability.

The “many-worlds” interpretation, states that each of these possible observations corresponds to a different universe, what is generally called the “multiverse”.
Robert Lanza has taken these theories even further.
He believes that “there are an infinite number of universes, and everything that could possibly happen occurs in some universe.

Your Energy Never Dies

Death does not exist in any real sense in these scenarios. All possible universes exist simultaneously, regardless of what happens in any of them.
Although individual bodies are destined to self-destruct, the alive feeling – the ‘Who am I?’- is just a 20-watt fountain of energy operating in the brain. But this energy doesn’t go away at death. One of the surest axioms of science is that energy never dies; it can neither be created nor destroyed.”
This energy can transcend from one world to another.

The Importance Of Consciousness
“Consider the uncertainty principle, one of the most famous and important aspects of quantum mechanics. Experiments confirm it’s built into the fabric of reality, but it only makes sense from a biocentric perspective.
If there’s really a world out there with particles just bouncing around, then we should be able to measure all their properties. But we can’t. Why should it matter to a particle what you decide to measure?

Given that different possible quantum developments of the universe result in many different observers, it becomes possible, based on the study of our world, to decide between the two views. Technically, the heart of the argument stems from the notion that improbable universes truly exist in Everett’s hypothesis (in small numbers), although in the Copenhagen interpretation, they are only (generally speaking) possibilities without any material reality.
The central idea may be understood very simply using an analogy. Let us imagine a bag containing a million black balls and only one white ball. According to the Copenhagen interpretation, all of these balls are essentially the same.

Testing Everett’s improbable hypothesis

And for good reason: Everett’s theory of “multiple worlds” turns out to be more simple, coherent and elegant than the standard view, known as the Copenhagen interpretation, in which mathematical contortions are required to avoid the “living-dead” cat conclusion. Yet it is clear that the ultimate test would be an experiment.

Quantum mechanics: a dirty little secret


Physicists like pictures. To be honest, 80% of quantum mechanics work just involves drawing a series of pictures that show how something we’re interested in changes over time.
But physicists have fragile egos and don’t want you to know that. So they put special boxes (called “kets”) that look like this: ⎜ 〉around their pictures to make themselves think that they’re doing something more complicated than they actually are.

More than a century after its discovery, quantum mechanics—which describes the behavior of physical entities at the scale of elementary particles—is still not clearly understood, despite the fact that its most disturbing predictions have until now always been completely borne out by measurement. Faced with the difficulty of giving meaning to this grand theory, we must content ourselves with simply accepting its three most important tenets. First, abandon the determinism of classical physics in favor of a probabilistic view; next, consider that many apparently continuous values, such as, metaphorically, the altitude of a person on a hill—are in reality discontinuous—comparable to the altitude of this same person in a multi-story building; and finally, accept that certain particles are in fact ubiquitous and may be present in several places or in several different states at the same time

Given that different possible quantum developments of the universe result in many different observers, it becomes possible, based on the study of our world, to decide between the two views. Technically, the heart of the argument stems from the notion that improbable universes truly exist in Everett’s hypothesis (in small numbers), although in the Copenhagen interpretation, they are only (generally speaking) possibilities without any material reality.

By sujeet Kumar

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Top 7 Smallest Things in the World

Top 7 Smallest Things in the World

There is lots of weird stuff in this world, and we’re sure you want to know all about it!
Have you ever tried to know smallest things in the World if you are then this is only for you.
Read on to find out about the first five of the 7 smallest things in the world.
Size can expand from beyond microscopic to encompassing the entire universe and everything in between. What may be large to some organisms may seem small to others.

7. The World’s Tiniest Gun

According to Guinness World Records, the title of the smallest working revolver in the world goes to the Miniature Revolver C1ST, manufactured by SwissMiniGun [source: Daily Mail]. The tiny firearm measures just more than 2 inches and weighs less than 1 ounce. It fires bullets made by SwissMiniGun that are 2.34 mm caliber, rim fire cartridges and come as either blank rounds (which don't produce a bullet) or live rounds (bulleted) [source: SwissMiniGun].

Making the parts and assembling the gun requires the skill of a master craftsman, all of which are trained at jewelry and Swiss watchmaking. Thus about only 100 are handmade each year, with each order customized to the client's specifications, including the option for a special model made of 18k gold. Adding the double-action .09 caliber six-shooter to your collection will run you at least $6,705.
"We are producing in very small quantities – perhaps 25 gold guns and 100 steel guns a year, and there is a six month waiting list to get one," SwissMiniGuns owner Paul Erard told the Daily Mail. "We will make whatever the customer wishes for. The most expensive version we have sold cost £30,000 and was covered in diamonds and came with a gold chain."

6. Smallest Artwork

Suffering from dyslexia and other learning disabilities, Willard Wigan never excelled in school but found solace in creating miniscule artwork that could barely be seen by the naked eye. Working under a microscope to capture the desired details, some of his materials include pieces of matchstick, nylon tags, and grains of rice. The final product can typically fit into the eye of a needle.

A fly flew past when I was working on a sculpture and blew it away,” he says. “The breeze from the fly’s wings was like a hurricane. I was once working on a little Chanel bottle for my friend and it jumped like tiddly winks and just disappeared. I started to cry then looked in the mirror and there was something glistening on the end of my nose: I took a piece of Blu Tack, put it under the microscope and there it was.”
In micro-art, even phone calls are a threat. “I was finishing an Alice in Wonderland piece. I’d made the Mad Hatter, the tea cups and pot, the hare, a tablecloth with ribbons on it. I went to lift Alice up and put her in the middle and my mobile phone went off. I breathed in as I answered and Alice was inhaled, gone somewhere in my sinuses.”

5. Smallest Teddy Bear

Cheryl Moss from South Africa constructed the world’s smallest teddy bear in 2006. Named Tiny Ted, this bear measures at 4.5mm and can fit within a human fingernail. You can visit him in the Teddy Bear Museum in South Korea.

The smallest teddy bear of the world measures 4.5 mm. The bear is sewn exactly like a bigger bear and is fully jointed with a movable head, arms and legs. So are the second and third smallest teddy bears. The teddy bears are officially recognized by ‘Guinness World Records’.

4. Smallest Police Station

Smallest Things in The World

Police Station is often thought as a building containing many departments each having its own purpose for deterrence of criminal activities and irregulations in law and order. In the mid 1960’s, Carrabelle’s police station was situated in a call box that was rushed to a working at the side of U.S. Parkway 98 and Tallahassee Street. Amid this time, the city had issues with individuals making unapproved calls to its police telephone. Johnnie Mirabella, the main St. Joe Telephone Company worker in Carrabelle at the time, moved the telephone to another area, yet the illicit calls proceeded.

3. Smallest Jet Airplane

smallest airplane

In mid 1970s “Bede Aircraft Corporation” a small company owned by Jim Bede a US plane designer. Jim designed and manufactured a small kit for aircraft. The Kit was just weighing around 350 pounds and he managed to sold over 5,000 units.
Out of five thousands unit only few of them were completed as the company got bankrupt and disconnects the supply.
The BD-5J consist on 20 ft wingspan and can fly at a speed of 483 kph. The maximum crushing altitude is 7,010 meters. This type of jet planes were popular back than in 1980. This plane was and remain smallest power jet in the world.

2. Smallest Teapot Crafted

Smallest Things in The World

Crafted by a 73-year-old Chinese master potter, Wu Ruishen, this teapot continues to fascinate the world for its miniature size. Thinking it’s one of those teapots that are really used for holding and pouring tea? No, definitely it’s just a showpiece but how was such a miniature artifact crafted with so much finishing is definitely astonishing. This weighs just 1.4 grams (0.05 ounces). It is made up of clay and has a Chinese style manufacture being so small that you can hold it on your finger tip or even on the nail of your finger!

1. Smallest Camera

smallest camera

Researcher of  Fraunhofer Institute in Germany has developed a unique and tiny camera. The size of the camera is no longer than a grain of salt. This “Microcamera” invention is considered a revolution in medical history as it can take images inside a human body.

Endoscopy has gone through amazing advancements in recent years. Microcameras on the tip of endoscopes supply images from the inside of the human body in ever higher resolution, which often makes it possible to identify tumors at an early stage. Endoscopes to date have some downsides, since they are expensive and, because of their multiple usages, have to be put through time-consuming and exhaustive cleaning procedures every time they are used. This problem might be solved by a new microcamera that the Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration (IZM) in Berlin, Germany has developed together with Awaiba GmbH and with the support of the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering IOF in Jena, Germany. Martin Wilke, a scientist at the Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration, says "we can produce microcameras so inexpensively with our technology that doctors can dispose of endoscopes after using them only once." This is made possible by a new type of manufacturing process.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

PUBG Mobile Pro Tips and Tricks to Get that Chicken Dinner

PUBG Mobile Pro Tips and Tricks to Get that Chicken Dinner mystery techs

Use headphones

PUBG gameplay heavily depends on the sounds. When you are wearing headphones you hear directional sounds for enemy footsteps, gunshots and vehicles. This can greatly improve your chances of finding the enemy and eliminating them before they do. For best experience wear headphones and keep the volume as high as you can.

Choose the right server depending on its latency

PUBG mobile has various servers that a player can choose from, like North America, South America, Asia, Europe and KRJP. You can check the latency of these servers on the top lefthand corner of your screen. Pick one that offers minimum latency, as it will make the gameplay smoother. A higher latency leads to a disrupted experience of the game.

Turn on Peek and Fire

In Settings (the settings cog on the top-right), go to Basic. Here, turn on ‘Peek & Fire.’ This allows you to peek from behind cover, allowing you to take shots without exposing too much of yourself. Keep in mind, you’ll still expose your head, so use it with caution.

Use Gyroscope for Aiming Down Sights

PUBG Mobile brings the ability to use your smartphone’s gyroscope to aim. This can be incredibly helpful when aiming down sights, or when you’re scoped in since you’ll be able to move your phone to aim at enemies instead of having to touch and drag on the screen. To enable gyroscope, simply head into Settings and then Basic.

Choosing your outfit carefully

Everyone likes the idea of keeping their look sleek, however, that isn’t always the best idea in PUBG. According to the map you select and the area that you select to land in, you should choose the best colour coordinated outfit that helps you blend into the background. So even when you are freely roaming around in the open, you will be very hard to spot. This will lead to other players getting to know your location a bit too late when you have a perfect aim and start firing at them. Even if one or two players spot you roaming around and start shooting, you just need to start running in a zigzag pattern. That will make you avoid the bullets and after some time again get lost in the background.

Mute Annoying Team-mates

Unless you’re playing with your friends, the squad mode will often pair you up with people where at least one of them is an annoying prick constantly singing and screaming into their mic. With the latest PUBG Mobile update, you can mute individual team-mates by tapping on the speaker-icon. This will open up a menu with all your team-mates’ names on it, simply tap on the speaker icon next to the team-mate you want to mute and that’s it. Now focus on the game.

Hide and peek

pubg mobile peek
PUBG games almost always end with a tiny group of fighters lying around on the floor hoping someone else pops their head up first. That person usually gets domed immediately, by the way, so make sure it isn’t you.
Going fully prone in PUBG is an important maneuver, so much so that it has its own dedicated button. It’s also a double-edged sword, however, as while you’ll get a nice recoil and accuracy boost and generally be a little more hidden, mobility is almost non-existent.
If someone approaches you from behind while you’re on your chest, you’re almost definitely going to end up dead—especially if you’re looking through a scope at the same time. Keep an eye on your mini map and the surroundings before hitting the floor, and don’t be afraid to flank your opponents when they’re lying down.

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Best Windows 10 Themes With Download Links - Mystery Techs

 Best Windows 10 Themes With Download Links - Mystery Techs

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also patch your system to allow for the installation of non-Microsoft themes.
1. Make a backup! Using a theme that doesn’t match can nuke your system, and there’s a non-negligible chance of that happening. A restore point is good, but an image backup is even better.

2. Download and install UltraUXThemePatcher.

Best Windows 10 Themes With Download Links - Mystery Techs
3. Find themes on websites like DeviantArt.

Best Windows 10 Themes With Download Links - Mystery Techs

4. Copy theme files into “C:/Windows/Resources/Themes.” If the file contains themes for multiple builds of Windows 10, make sure you’re using the right one. You can find your build by pressing Win + R and typing winver into the command line.

Best Windows 10 Themes With Download Links - Mystery Techs

Best Windows 10 Themes With Download Links - Mystery Techs

Like the other themes we review in the rest of this list, Penumbra is not made by Microsoft. You’ll need to apply the patches above before and manually place the theme’s files in the right folder before you can use the theme. But once you have it set up, it’s a beautiful, dark theme that makes using your system at night a pleasure.
Best Windows 10 Themes With Download Links - Mystery Techs

Seda is another dark theme from DeviantArt. Unlike Penumbra, it’s not completely dark, with light grays sprucing up the interface. It also themes the context menu in a lovely dark gray to complete the look.
Best Windows 10 Themes With Download Links - Mystery Techs

Arc includes several variations of its main black and white theme. For maximum effect, you’ll want to install the Arc icon pack alongside the theme, also from DeviantArt.
Best Windows 10 Themes With Download Links - Mystery Techs

This theme restores as much of the Windows 95 operating system’s aesthetic as it can. If you’ve been hoping to return to gradient title bars, rectangular buttons and bevelled edges, this theme will take you there. Combine it with SillySamPixelArt’s Windows 95 theme pack – which includes sounds and icons – for the best effect.


Best Windows 10 Themes With Download Links - Mystery Techs

Silk theme is definitely one of the most beautiful Windows themes that you can get. It has the power of turning an ordinary computer into an artistic piece of electronic device. Silk theme allows users to customize its main features such as colors and the appearance of icons. You can also rearrange the folders so that they appear like a stack of cards.

Ubuntu Skin Pack

Best Windows 10 Themes With Download Links - Mystery Techs

If you love the Ubuntu interface, this is the best theme for you. It gives you powers to give your Windows OS the Ubuntu interface. This is one of the most-sought Windows 10 themes. You can also customize some aspects such as color and icons.

Diversityx VS

Best Windows 10 Themes With Download Links - Mystery Techs

Dark can also be stylish. This is what Diversityx skin is trying to prove. The theme gives a dark but classy appearance. To balance on the dark effect, it features some degree of transparency which makes it more appealing to the eyes. Probably you may be worried about the performance of this skin at night. To be frank, you will love the skins interface when you use your computer at night or in a dark room.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

7 Interesting Facts About the Solar System.

7 Interesting Facts About the Solar System. Mystery Techs

There are many different types of objects found in the solar system: a star, planets, moons, dwarf planets, comets, asteroids, gas, and dust. In terms of the numbers of each of these objects, our current knowledge is as follows:
  • 1 star (The Sun)
  • 8 planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune)
  • 5 dwarf planets (Pluto, Ceres, Haumea, Makemake, and Eris)
  • 181 moons
  • 566,000 asteroids
  • 3,100 comets
While most of us are stuck on planet Earth, we’re lucky enough to have a fairly transparent atmosphere. This allows us to look up at the sky and observe changes. The ancients noticed planets wandering across the sky, and occasional visitors such as comets.

7. Martian Day Is Barely Longer Than An Earth Day

Mystery Techs
Photo credit:
A day is determined by how long it takes a planet to revolve on its axis. Planets that take longer to complete a revolution have longer days than those with faster revolutions. The length of a day varies greatly on each planet because they all take different times to complete a revolution.
On Earth, a day is 24 hours long. On Jupiter, it is 9 hours, 55 minutes, and 29.69 seconds long. On Venus, it is 116 days and 18 hours long. On Mars, it is 24 hours and 40 minutes long. Given the disparity between the lengths of a day on every planet, how did Earth and Mars end up with days of similar length?
Pure coincidence.
Planets are created when dust clouds released during the formation of stars lose momentum while spinning (revolving). The spin increases or decreases as the planet hits other objects in its neighborhood. They do hit a lot of things, so the rate of the spin changes a lot.
The planet soon clears and dominates its neighborhood. At this moment, it no longer collides with anything and maintains the spin it had the last time it hit something.

6. You Could Fit All the Planets Between the Earth and the Moon

7 Interesting Facts About the Solar System. Mystery Techs

The average distance from the Earth to the Moon is 384,400 km. And check it out, that leaves us with 4,392 km to spare.
So what could we do with the rest of that distance? Well, we could obviously fit Pluto into that slot. It’s around 2,300 km across. Which leaves us about 2,092 km to play with. We could fit one more dwarf planet in there (not Eris though, too big).
The amazing Wolfram-Alpha can make this calculation for you automatically: total diameter of the planets. Although, this includes the diameter of Earth too.

Planet Average Diameter (km)
Mercury 4,879
Venus 12,104
Mars 6,771
Jupiter 139,822
Saturn 116,464
Uranus 50,724
Neptune 49,244
Total 380,008

5. But the Solar System is bigger than you think.

7 Interesting Facts About the Solar System. Mystery Techs
Beyond the orbit of Neptune (the furthermost planet), it takes a long time to leave the Solar System. In 2012, some 35 years after leaving Earth on a one-way trip to the outer solar Solar System, Voyager 1 passed through the area where the Sun’s magnetic and gas environment gives way to that of the stars, meaning that it is interstellar space. That was an astounding 11 billion miles (17 billion kilometers) away from Earth, or roughly 118 equivalent Earth-sun distances (astronomical units)

The key outcome is that the solar system is bigger than previous findings suggested. This is based around the furthest object that takes an orbit around the Sun, based on the Sun’s gravitational pull. This edge of the solar system is well past Pluto and even beyond the Kuiper Belt (a circumstellar disc in the Solar System beyond the planets, composed of frozen volatiles and dwarf planets).
New data suggests there are objects orbiting around our Sun at up to 200 times further away than the Earth. This means the beginning of interstellar space is much further out. This comes as astronomers are recording more and more strange objects in the outer reaches.

4. Mars Has Frozen Water Today:

7 Interesting Facts About the Solar System. Mystery Techs
We’re very interested in the question of water because it implies habitability; simply put, life as we know it is more likely to exist with water there. In fact, the Curiosity rover’s mandate on Mars right now is to search for habitable environments (in the past or present). Mars has a thin atmosphere that does not allow water to flow or remain in large quantities on the surface, but we know for sure that there is ice at the poles — and possibly frosty locations elsewhere on the planet. The question is if the ice is capable of melting enough water in the summer long enough to support any microbes.

Water is thought to have flowed across the surface of Mars billions of years ago, when its atmosphere was thicker and warmer, cutting gullies and channels that are still visible. But today, low atmospheric pressures mean that any surface water would boil away. Water survives frozen in polar ice caps and in subsurface ice deposits.

3. Nearest Star To Earth is Proxima Centauri

 7 Interesting Facts About the Solar System. Mystery Techs

Outside of our own solar system, the nearest star to Earth is a red dwarf star called Proxima Centauri (4.24 light-years), followed by Barnard’s Star in the constellation of Ophiuchus (6 light-years). The brightest star in the night sky, Sirius (-1.46 magnitude) in the constellation of Canis Major, is the 5th closest star to Earth at a distance of 8.6 light years.


7 Interesting Facts About the Solar System. Mystery Techs
Photo credit: NASA/Jet Propulsion Lab-Caltech/SETI Institute
Europa is one of Jupiter’s moons here in our own solar system. It is another candidate due to its potential to hold liquid water. Europa is thought to have all the necessities for life including water, energy sources, and the right chemical buildup. The water is thought to be stored in oceans underneath Europa’s surface.
It wasn’t until recently that scientists made it possible to begin the exploration for life on this moon. It was announced in early 2017 that a mission called Europa Clipper would take place over the next several years. This mission is sending a spacecraft to Jupiter’s moon to take pictures of the surface. This flyby would happen repeatedly, offering multiple opportunities to analyze the moon and search for life.

1. We live inside the sun.

7 Interesting Facts About the Solar System. Mystery Techs
Normally we think of the sun as being that big, hot ball of light 93 million miles (150 million km) away. But actually, the sun’s outer atmosphere extends far beyond its visible surface. Our planet orbits within this tenuous atmosphere, and we see evidence of this when gusts of the solar wind generate the Northern and Southern Lights. In that sense, we definitely live inside the sun. But the solar atmosphere doesn’t end at Earth. Auroras have been observed on Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and even distant Neptune. In fact, the outer solar atmosphere, called the heliosphere, is thought to extend at least 100 A.U. That’s nearly 10 billion miles (16 billion km). In fact the atmosphere is likely teardrop shaped due to the sun’s motion in space, with the “tail” extending tens to hundreds of billions of miles downwind.

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