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Smartphone Camera Megapixel Count Does Not Matter and We Tell You Why

Smartphone Camera Megapixel Count Does Not Matter and We Tell You Why

Megapixel is a controversial topic that leads to lot of chaos. It is a myth that the compact cameras require more of them, while photography experts believe in less. However, the smartphone manufacturers are still not able to justify on one side. Currently, the smartphones are coming with cameras ranging up to 41 MP. But, exactly how many megapixels are required for best quality images and videos? Lets take a look at this concept now.

An aperture is a hole or an opening that allows light to travel through it. The size of the aperture is responsible in regulating the amount of light that passes to the film. Aperture size is calibrated in f-numbers or f-stops such as f22 or f/2.2, f16 or f/1.6 and more. The more id the numeric value that you see associated with the apperture, less is the amount of light that gets through . For instance, f/2.8 allows 1X more light than the aperture size of f/4.0.


camera  Sensor is most powerfull part in camera

sensor size

 sensor size of a camera that determines how much light is to be used to create an image

HTC UtraPixel Camera is most powerfull camera in the world
The UltraPixel camera technology is an advanced imaging technology that provides a great leap in the world of imaging. This technology improves the quality of images and videos captured using the cameras. It appears like HTC has focused on the photo quality largely with big pixel sizes instead of pixel count.

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