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5 Tips to solve Hanging problem in Android Smartphone

if your smartphone have a "lag" and "hang" problem. today you can "solve" this problem and its very simple.


1. First of all you can clean junk/chase file in your internal storage .
 google photo.
2. delete your  unusable app in your smartphone.
3.  Setup your animation to 5x (developer option )
4. delete your unusable file and folder
5. Download app in light version. like (Facebook light)
Bonus tips.
 Go to developer option. (click on processes) setup 4 process.

developer option.

to google photo

 main tips. >>> Delete your any type of cleaner,antivirus and protection. they use many ram and CPU in your smartphone.

you can reset your smartphone in every 5 months.

 don't download any types of shopping site 
(go to the chrome browser and open your shopping site. click on 3 dot"." menu and set on home screen.) same thing do with any website.

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