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How to take 3D photo on your smartphone

How to take 3D photo on your smartphone.
Many smartphone take 3d photo like iphone 10 and pixel phones.

How to take 3D photo on your smartphone
if you want to take 3d photo on your android phone.
you need to download these app 

Fyuse - 3D Photos

video by Fyuse - 3D Photos


Fyuse is a spatial photography app that allows anyone with a smartphone to capture 3D images. These images, or "fyuses", are engaged by tilting your phone or by swiping your screen. Fyuse captures space, not time, and allows you to view moments from different angles, at your own pace.

Because Fyuse is also a dynamic social platform, it’s easy to share your images directly through the Fyuse app. Additionally, fyuses can be embedded and shared through other social platforms, websites, emails and texts. The fyuses you create are versatile and completely yours.

Fyuse is powered by advanced computer vision technologies and is developed by Fyusion, Inc. It is available as a free download on iOS and Android.

Device Requirements for Installation:
1. Android version 4.4 (KitKat) or higher (API Level 19+)

Device Requirements for Recording:
1. All of the Requirements for Installation above
2. At least one camera on the device
3. Each camera is at least 720p in resolution
4. Has required sensors: gyroscope, accelerometer, gravity.

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