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Top 4 Powerful SEO trick for website and blog

Top 5 powerful SEO trick for

SEO (search engine optimization) 

Top 5 powerful SEO trick for website and blog

1st focus on keyword (SEO)


 focus keyword mean you can use your main keyword like (SEO).

use this keyword many times on your blog.

 best seo's trick ever.

2nd (optimize your photo in your blog) SEO TRICK


 Peoples use many photo on his blog post
photos boost your website and blog ranking. seo best trick

 re you an affiliate marketer? Are you a blogger? Or, simply, is your job connected with Internet?

If the answer is yes, then you surely would know the importance of search engine optimization.
We know that without proper SEO, both on-page as well as off-page, you won’t be able to get your article in the front pages of Google.
However, there are some bloggers that makes sure that their article is fully optimized for search engines but the images they use in the article are nowhere near as optimized as they should be.
Image Optimization is one of the most important factors that you need to consider because a lot of people search for popular images and if the images you use on your blog start ranking, then you can get a lot of visitors.
This article will focus completely on the image Optimization and here’s what you are going to learn in the article.

 3rd write detailed blog (seo)


 Normally Google rank Long and detailed post

if you are write long post 80% more than rank (SEO most common trick but powerful )

 4th make Custom Permalink


 use keyword on your Custom Permalink

make short and simple Permalink
this trick can help 50%  better rank

 Custom Permalink- Example (http://www.mysterytechs.com/2017/12/top-4-powerful-seo-trick-for-website.html)

 like - best-android-phone-html

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