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Why Doesn’t Google Include Every New Blog In Search Results?

Guess what… you, as a person who searches the web with Google, wouldn’t want that. You don’t want to search and see a bunch of empty blogs that people started this week, with a “hello world, test, test, test” post. No, you want Google to show you a result that is actually helpful to you and gives you the answer you’re looking for.
Google is in the business of giving their customers what they want. Remember, Google’s customer is not the guy who just started a blog. Google’s customer is the person who searches on Google for an answer to something, and expects a useful answer.
Google can only be successful if people KNOW that when they search for information, they will find something useful. For example, when someone searches for “homemade dog food”, Google has to show that person useful resources. Otherwise, that person will go to another search engine next time.

Wait… My 2-Day-Old Blog Is A Great Resource! What’s Google’s Problem?


“Wait a minute! My new blog is all about homemade dog food! It says so in the headline and everything! And I’ve got 2 great new blog posts on homemade dog food and everything! And it looks totally great with an awesome header image and a great blog theme! Why isn’t it in Google yet?!?”
Again that’s pretty much the same reason buying a new suit won’t get you on the cover of GQ this week, not on its own.
Google needs to know you’re in in for the long run, and your blog will actually be around for a while. Google wants to see your blog start, wants to see your blog grow, and wants to see other people like your blog enough to link back to it and share it with their friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc. That’s how people “vote” for the awesomeness of your blog… by visiting it, linking to it, and sharing it with friends.
Google knows that lots of people “want” to start a blog, and very few do. And very few of those will ever publish more than 1 blog post.
So they’re not going to risk the success of their business to show their customer a link to a blog that was started last week and only has 1 post. Nope… they’re going to show links to the other blogs that have been around for a while, are steadily growing, and have lots of good content on the topic.

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