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You Haven't Seen This How to Make Professional Logos

You Haven't Seen This How to Make Professional Logos

A professional logo can enhance a company, an organization, or a product. On the other hand, an unprofessional logo can ruin a brand and mar an otherwise good designer’s portfolio.

you can make logo for website,YouTube channel,Facebook page,company.
 if you are not a Professional graphics designer this post is definitely help you 

 i am suggesting you some tips & tricks to make professional logo.

If you have professional image manipulation software like Photoshop and Affinity, then you will try to create professional logos


 How to get inspiration to make Professional logo

you can look other logo to get inspiration
some of my favorite logos in the world utilize a technique that I like to call a visual double entendre, which is an overly fancy way to say that it has two pictures wrapped into one through clever interpretation of a concept or idea.

Online Logo maker websites

 >Flaming text
 >Free logo design

Apps and Software

All you need to do is, spare a few minutes and install one of these best android apps that will help you to design your own logo within minutes and without ripping your budget apart.
But before I get you acquainted with these amazing apps, it’s important to understand why you should consider using these Android apps.

 1 -> Canva

   Canva - Free Photo Editor & Graphic Design Tool- screenshot thumbnail     Canva - Free Photo Editor & Graphic Design Tool- screenshot thumbnail
How to create a logo online in 5 easy steps using Canva.
  1. Create a new Canva account to get started with your own logo design.
  2. Choose from our library of professionally-designed templates.
  3. Upload your own graphics or choose from any of Canva’s free elements.
  4. Fix your images, edit text or add stunning filters.
  5. Save and share.
 With over a hundred templates to edit and customize in a few clicks, you’ll have a beautiful new logo in minutes. It’s as simple as uploading your own images or graphic elements through Canva’s simple drag-and-drop logo maker then customizing colors and adding text. Within minutes, you’ll soon have a logo that perfectly represents your brand.

2 -> Logo Generator & Logo Maker

    Logo Generator & Logo Maker- screenshot     Logo Generator & Logo Maker- screenshot
 Logo Generator is a professional logo design studio that lets you create powerful branding for your business in a matter of Minutes. It provides everything you need to get started. It only takes a moments to create your own logo in a couple of easy steps.

Logo Generator is designed with ease of use in mind and hence can be used by both professional designers and people without prior design experience to create custom, creative and beautiful looking logos in a matter of minutes.

Logo Generator has a great collection of in-built tools that let's you create professional looking logos.

- Almost 2000 fully editable & custom logo templates categorized by Industry
- Professional tools for recoloring & editing.
- More than 100 fonts and they are supported by typographic engine. This is an advanced text editing tools that let's you create beautiful typography for the logo
- Professional layer management functions that let's you work on logos at ease.
- Easy to export for digital.
Whatever branding you want to create - may it be a logo, sticker or label, Logo Generator would allow you to create one at ease.


Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop is brilliant and most effective image editor and design creator software. It helps in every type of editing and designing tasks from simple retouching to complicated 3D illustrations and designs. For new users, there are several helpful tips and tutorials to learn how to use it. For experts, it is most efficient logo design tool that provide them ease of designing logos with effective tools including artistic filters, textures, color levels, alpha masks and channels and much more.  However, I must say that Adobe Photoshop is not an ordinary tool that could be used by everyone, as it is little costly and complicated to be used.

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe illustrator is a vector graphics editor tool used in vector drawing applications. It proficiently assists designers to create professional designs and artwork. You can create all type of designs with Adobe Illustrator, but for logo designing it is incredibly supportive for professionals and newbie. The brilliant set of drawing tools including colors, brushes, gradient effects, and other processing tools will make your designs most fabulous by giving amazing touches.
If you are using it first time, you may get confused with lots of tools and images existed on tool bars. Still, this programs includes templates and comprehensive help section for newbie in order to give them effective ideas about how to using Adobe Illustrator for creating designs. This software contains several best features such as integration into Creative Cloud, CSS extraction, Anchor point enhancements, live shapes, pen tool preview, and many more that helps in designing excellent logos.

 by sujeet kumar

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