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Youtube vs Facebook Which is Best In Future

Those have been the words of many mainstream media companies

 the undeclared war between Facebook vs. Google over internet superiority is nothing new.
 While Facebook really has been focusing on making video more important and more prominent on their platform, they have never reached the video based status that YouTube has.

 In the Facebook – YouTube battle another interesting debate is which platform is best suited for your video marketing. The answer, it depends. YouTube has always put emphasis on the Watch Time of their videos whereas Facebook mainly puts the focus on Views. This makes Facebook an easy choice for those seeking for vanity statistics as Facebook actually also counts you scrolling over a video in your timeline as a person reached and in case of an auto-play ad as a view. Facebook also holds the edge when it comes to shareability, making it easier to go viral, especially with the crossposting option, making it possible to share a video natively on multiple Facebook pages

When is the last time you had a Facebook video return in a Google search? I am tempted to use the word "never" here. The reason is quite simple. Google owns Youtube, so Youtube videos are returned in Google searches.
Not to be cheated, Facebook runs their own priority scheme. Have you ever noticed the difference between an embedded Youtube video posted to Facebook versus a Facebook video? It is quite alarming to look at them side by side.

 Facebook Ads:-

 Youtube vs Facebook Which is Best In Future - Mystery Techs
If you have not included Facebook ads in your ad strategy in the past, you will definitely want to look into this option in the future. Facebook ads have the largest audience of any potential ad platform due to the way you can create highly detailed, specific audiences that you want to target your ads to as well as the capability to include video and pictures.
Using media for your sales ads is crucial in order to capture the attention of your potential buyers. By using Facebook ads and including video that you created for YouTube or other platforms, you can include it in your Facebook ads.

 Youtube Ads:-

Youtube vs Facebook Which is Best In Future - Mystery Techs
 When it comes to cost, Facebook's $0.02 charge for a three-second view may seem attractive. But when Pixability compared whole 30-second-ad views, it found that Facebook was more expensive: marketers will spend $0.11 on Facebook and $0.07 on YouTube.


Recently youtube takes some strict decision
Youtube make some threshold like 4000 hours witch time and 1k subs.
Facebook is very advance in ads types. and facebook is starting his creator platform.
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 in facebook very easy to grow.
in facebook not only you can upload your video. you can write artical in facebook.

in future facebook is also best place to upload and watch video and posts
by sujeet kumar

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