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Saturday, March 10, 2018

List of People Thought To Be Immortal

 People Thought To Be Immortal
Today, we are going to know about the people in history who were thought to be immortal. Some of them died, and some disappeared. Let’s figure it out.
Death is terrifying to most people. For many, the idea of living forever and attaining immortality is a much better alternative than death. This list includes ten human beings declared to be immortal during their life (and sometimes after—despite death) and as with every story of mystery, myth and legend gets mixed with facts and history, making things even more complicated for us.

Alex Chiu

He is a 46-year-old man. He says that he is immortal. Alex invented immortality magnetic rings. A person can wear them on fingers and toes. He believe that these rings will keep him immortal. He said that he had mixed some Chinese medicines to make this ring. This ring helps our body to regenerate cells and according to Alex, if body keeps on regenerating cell, you will never die. Even though, these rings are also available on amazon and anyone can buy them.


Most people think of Merlin as an elderly man with a long white beard and a tall pointed hat, who was a magician at the court of King Arthur. But the question is, did he really exist? His father according to legend was an incubus, a demon in male form, who had sexual intercourse with his mortal mother. Merlin was an infamous immortal, who has appeared in various folklore, fairy tales and films. The eternally ancient warlock originates in Old English history, and is most popularly associated with King Arthur, the Lady of the Lake and the Knights of the Round Table. Some fans, even to this day believe that as an immortal he’s still around and protects the royal family of England. As every mythical human figure, Merlin the man behind the myth, probably existed, but like so many other “immortals” before and after him, he probably died too.

Wandering Jew

Apr22 Wand Jew2-724447
As Christ was carrying His cross to Golgotha, He stopped for a moment to rest outside the house of a shoemaker named Ahasuerus. When Ahasuerus saw this, he jeered at the Savior, asking Him why He was dallying. Christ then looked at Ahasuerus and pronounced the curse: “I will stand here and rest, but you must wander the Earth until I return”. The Wandering Jew many centuries later would become a very popular figure all over the medieval Christian world that spread widely in Europe in the thirteenth century and became a fixture of Christian mythology and literature. The legend of the wandering Jew is founded in part on Jesus’ words given in Matthew 16:28: “Verily I say unto you, There be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of Man coming in his kingdom.” The story has endless variations. Sometimes Ahasuerus is an old man; sometimes he remains forever young; sometimes he ages and then returns to youth. Ahasuerus is condemned to remember all his past lives according to the myth, but for some reason I tend to believe that the real person Ahasuerus lived only one life and he has been long gone since then.

The Immortal Monk

In 1972, a Russian leader, who was a buddhist monk gathered his followers to announce his own death. His name was Dashi-Dorzho-Itigilov. He said the Stalin, the Russian leader would persecute them and ordered them to flee.  He said, he would return in 75 years and in deep meditation he passed away. After many years, his body was explored. The monks were surprised to see his body in such good condition. Bones were flexible and body preserved. In 2002, his body was put on a temple, it was 75th year and he had returned.


Annibale Carracci - The Choice Of Heracles - Wga4416
Heracles’ story is one of the most famous around the world. No other individual has achieved so much glory on a universal level, for so many centuries. The stories and labors of Heracles, a man who was so strong and courageous, whose deeds were so mighty, and who so endured all the hardships that were given to him, eventually and according to the legend made him an immortal (metaphorically for sure).
Was there a real Heracles, a man behind these stories? We can’t know for sure. The only certain thing is that just like with the discovery of the city of Troy, archaeologists, fired up the curiosity of historians and the imagination of people around the world, when in 2010 they claimed that evidences showed that the tomb they found in the state of Peloponnese, could be the one of the great mythical hero. The only certain thing is that Heracles, the man who probably existed behind the myth, never achieved real immortality of course, but he managed to become the most famous hero of ancient times and probably the most beloved one too. More stories have been told about him than any other hero and his name has indeed remained immortal in time.

The Count of St. Germain

10 People Who Were Thought to Be Immortal!
He was a European nobleman, who was born in 1961. Germain was deliberately known for his achievements and experiments in science, arts and philosophy. He was supposed to achieve immortality, after drinking elixir of immortality. This elixir was made by him through his mastery of alchemy. He went to European courts, and people were amazed to see that he has not aged a day in last 50 years. Many people claimed that he lived forever, and he himself once claimed to be of 300 years old using that universal medicine. There are so many stories prevailing about his existence.

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