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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

3 Most Wonderful Gadgets Can Get 2 Opportunities For People With Disabilities In 2018.

People with disabilities are never left behind in life, and this holds true for technology as well. There are many types of assistive tech gadgets that are made specifically for people with disabilities to make things easier for them. They may able to help a blind person see (at the moment) or a speech-impaired person speak, but they can surely convey their message and provide help when needed. Below you will see five gadgets that can help disabled people.
The world's first real time translation technology that converts sign language to grammatically correct spoken language.
UNI is a new gadget to assist deaf and speech-impaired people communicate with other people. It’s a two-way communication device that will detect sign language using its camera and immediately convert it into speech. On the other hand, it will also convert speech into text to allow two-way communication. Furthermore, it also has a built-in software to create custom sign language and customize it according to your need.

2. Bionic Eye

Bionic eye scientists have one common goal: to develop technology that's as effective for visual disabilities as cochlear implants have become for auditory ones. But different scientists' methods for achieving this vary. What's more, bionic eye technology is still in its infancy compared with cochlear implants for hearing loss.
Several bionic eye implants are in development, but currently only one is available in the United States, and it is suitable only for blindness caused by specific eye diseases. However, as research continues, more and more people may soon benefit from high-tech bionic eyes.

1. Prosthetic Hand

The world’s most advanced prosthetic hand is an incredible device that can not only help an amputee feel more comfortable; it can perform advanced functions that no other prosthetic limb has ever been able to do. Actions like typing, clicking a mouse, breaking eggs, and even writing with a pen are possible with the bebionic3 arm.


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