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Friday, April 20, 2018

3 Real Superhero Gadget Now Exist in Earth

 3 Real Superhero Gadget Now Exist in Earth

Many superhero movie and many fictional superhero have a amazing tools and gadget, i am listing some 5 amazing real superhero gadget is now exist in world.

Superheroes are amazing for many reasons but mostly because of their super speed, super strength, invisibility powers, x-ray vision, you name it.

1 Iron Man suit


Tony stark is most intelligent superhero in fictional world 
Richard Browning is the inventor of real iron man suit in gravity industries.

Richard Browning may not be the real life Tony Stark, but he has taken inspiration from the comic book character, building his own Iron Man-style suit.
The suit, which Browning has said can reach up to speeds of 200 mph, can fly for 10 consecutive minutes at a few thousand feet.
Though Browning insisted that the suit is not coming to market, he did tell the British publication his company is working on new technology which would make the current prototype look like "child's play."

2. Spider-Man Gloves


Researchers led by Stanford engineer Elliot Hawkes have created a pair of gecko-inspired gloves that enable users up to 200 pounds to scale smooth, vertical panes of glass. As one biomechanical engineer put it: "This is a really big deal."

Top image via Elliot Hawkes

The secret to Hawkes' team's gloves is their efficiency. It turns out that the sticky foot-pads a gecko uses to climb, while perfectly adequate for the gecko, aren't nearly as effective as they could be. Because geckos are, well, gecko-sized, they can get away with using only a fraction of their pads' effective area. A human-sized gecko would not only need to use more of its pads, it would also need to distribute its weight more strategically. What Hawkes and his team demonstrate in this week's issue of the Journal of the Royal Society Interface is that gecko-like pads can be scaled up to human-size proportions – and work! – provided the human uses as much of the pad's surface as he can, and balances his weight just so:

3. Wolverine Claws


It was once thought inconceivable that anyone could upstage inventor Colin Furze and his incredible functioning Wolverine Claws (more on Furze later on), but apparently, that notion was wrong. Brian Kaminski (of Advancer Technologies) has designed a set of claws that “snikt” just by flexing. His MyoWare Bionic Claws were designed to bring interest to his Kickstarter campaign for a new type of muscle sensor, which incidentally is how his claws function.

by sujeet kumar

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