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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

4 Real life Superheroes Caught On Camera Amazing list

 4 Superheroes Caught On Camera

In these days many of you heard about superhero caught on camera and see some videos about superheros but many video is fake and some mystery.
Super Heroes Caught On Camera & Spotted In Real Life! Real Super Heroes Caught On Tape! Super Heroes Sightings!

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The FLASH in real life recorded on CCTV

As you see in the video a girl try to crash in the car then suddenly a fast object save him.
if you think this video is fake then probably you are right but i think this video is mystery because this fast person is mystery.  

Teleportation person

In this Video you seen a women saves the accident by teleportation power what you think about this video comment down below.

Super Hero with Super Strength

This footage from security camera, Two super heroes take out abusive boyfriend

Man seen flying over Qutub Minar in India

footage location India. as you see in this video a boy try to take a photo but mistakenly record video and suddenly a flying man enter in camera frame.

By sujeet kumar
cradit- youtube.com

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