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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Here's What No One Tells You About 7 Mysterious Videos That Could Not Be Explained.

Top 7 Mysterious Videos That Could Not Be Explained.
if you are finding some mysterious video on internet then this post is very helpful for you.
From last known sightings of people that disappeared mysteriously to inexplicable traffic accidents and ghostly sightings, we look at 10 mysterious videos that cannot be explained.
7. Chinese Woman Possessed in Store

A viral video, called "Strange Demonic Possession in Korea" on YouTube, even though it was shot in China, shows a woman browsing the supermarket shelves when suddenly, she looks and sounds like her body has been taken over by a demonic spirit.
As seen in the surveillance footage dated last month, the middle-aged woman strolls down the aisle and does a double-take when a package appears to fly off the shelf behind her. She courteously turns around and puts it back
6. The Real Men in Black

On the 14th October 2009, two witnesses claimed to have seen a large, triangular shaped object hovering above the hotel that they were staying in at the time. The pair reported the strange occurrence to the authorities and a short time later, two mysterious men dressed in black suits visited the hotel, looking for the witnesses. This footage from the lobby security camera of the hotel shows the men walking into the building.
The men asked to speak to the guests that had witnessed the event but were told by staff that they were no longer there.
The staff members that spoke to the men said that they were very pale and had no eyebrows or eyelashes and that they looked completely identical. One female staff member even said that it looked as though both men’s hair was fake as if they were wearing wigs to cover the fact that they were bald. The staff member also claimed that both men had very large, deep blue eyes and that the entire time they spoke to her, they never blinked once.

5. Inexplicable Chinese Traffic Accident

This mysterious video was taken on a road in Xingtai, China. As the two white vans approach the intersection something very strange happens.
Suddenly, the two vans lift into the air and get pushed backwards almost as though a very strong gust of wind picks them up and shakes them about.
What could have happened to these vans? What sort of strange, force has the power to lift two vans into the air with such ease?

4. Witch’s Face in Abandoned House

This mysterious video was posted in 2014 by a man known only as Ted who claims to have been a police officer since 1983. After responding to a domestic disturbance in Delray, Detroit, Ted says he heard some strange noises coming from a neighboring house, so he decided to take a closer look.
As he approaches the house which appears to be burnt out and abandoned, the officer pans the camera towards an old newspaper clipping before calling out to see if anyone is inside. Suddenly, a ghoulish face appears in the upstairs window before disappearing into the darkness.
It is later revealed in the video that the article that the police officer found was about a woman named Rose Veres who was known as the Witch of Delray. Veres was thought to have murdered 12 men in the 1930’s however her neighbors were to scared to testify against her because they believed that she had supernatural powers that could make their children sick.
Could the ghostly face that the police officer saw in the window of this burnt out old house be that of the infamous Delray Witch?

3. Mysterious Video of The Teleporting Man

This footage was taken from a dash cam somewhere in Russia. As the traffic is driving along, the semi-trailer suddenly begins to swerve, nearly colliding with oncoming traffic. At first, it is difficult to see why the truck swerves but then the answer becomes apparent. A man wearing what looks to be a lab coat seems to appear out of nowhere.
Several theories have attempted to explain this bizarre event. It has even been suggested that the man could be a scientist from the future, who miscalculated a time travel teleportation.
If you look closely however, you can actually see the man crossing the road in front of the truck. What is difficult to explain however, is the relaxed and almost robotic reaction the man has after his near fatal miss. He simply turns, puts his hands in his lab coat pockets and calmly walks off the road.
Why was the man attempting to cross the road in the first place? There seems to be nothing but empty fields on the other side? What do you think is happening in this video? We’d love to get your opinion!

2. The Mysterious Hospital Ghost

This video was filmed in a hospital in Guadalajara, Mexico. It shows an orderly laughing and joking around for the camera when suddenly a mysterious dark figure walks by the window. As the person holding the camera rushes to investigate. The two open the door and head into what appears to be an operating theater.
Suddenly, a table begins moving for no apparent reason. The startled pair quickly leave the room and as they do, the camera holder does a full 360 degree sweep of the room. There is no one else in the room and no other door that the mysterious figure could have entered or exited from.
What was this shadowy figure? Could it have been the ghost of someone that passed away in this very operating room?

1. The City in the Clouds

In 2015, a floating city appeared in the clouds above Foshan in the Guangdong province of China. It was witnessed by thousands of people and footage of the mysterious city in the clouds even made the Chinese news.
Many theories tried to explain the strange city in the sky. Some said it was part of a top secret NASA funded project known as ‘Project Blue Beam’ – technology that can reportedly project large scale holograms into the clouds. Others speculated that it could have been a doorway to an alternate reality that opened for just long enough to allow stunned onlookers to get a glimpse of another world.
It wasn’t the first time a city in the clouds had been spotted either. In 2011, this footage was taken in Huanshang City in China’s Anhui province.

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