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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

7 Mysterious and Unexplainable Things Capture On Camera

7 Mysterious and Unexplainable Things Capture On Camera

The scope of human understanding is continually evolving. Many things that would have either baffled or terrified our ancestors a couple of hundred years ago are run of the mill and mundane for us today. Presumably, there are plenty of modern mysteries and unexplainable events that will be examined and understood in the future with our grand children's grandchildren looking back at us and smiling indulgently at our lack of knowledge and sophistication.

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7. Don't Split Up In The Woods


There is an average group of people walking through the woods when it starts to become a little bit misty. They pause, take a photograph, and carry on with their walk. Throughout their time in the woods, they randomly stop and capture a moment for prosperity. There is nothing unusual in that.
The trouble with this one photograph though is the unexplainable figure in the background which wasn’t noticed at the time the shutter opened and closed but was clearly visible in the final image. Analysis has shown that the original image has not been tampered with, nor has any photoshopping been going on. The family swears they saw nobody else that day in the woods so how did they end up with a photograph that appears to be a still from a slasher movie?

6. An Uninvited Guest


Heather Sewell was looking forward to seeing the photographs of her granddaughter's christening when they were posted on Facebook. What Sewell was not expecting was to see the ghost of her husband Terry standing behind the christening party in the church.
Grandfather Terry had committed suicide 17 years previously, at the age of 41 and his widow was obviously upset when she thought she saw him in the christening photos. Sewell said that level of the face put the figure at about five-foot-eight, the same height as the husband and that it also had the same hairstyle.
The only people in the frame when the picture was taken were Sewell's daughter Gemma Sewell, 27, and her partner Jamie were joined by their older daughter Jaiden, 5, and two sets of godparents for Mia-Bella Kennett's Christening.

5. Four With Nine Hands


This group of boys had their photograph taken in a backyard and what could be weird about that? It doesn’t matter how carefully you look, you won’t find any ghosts, mysterious lights or angles in the background but if you look closely enough, you might see a little unexplainable something. A thumb to be precise.
If you are having trouble pinning down the mystery thumb, it’s just over the shoulder of the boy on the far right. The photograph has been examined by experts, and it has been proved not to have been Photoshopped so, from where did the dodgy digit come?
The most obvious explanation is that there is a fourth boy crouching down behind the main four with only his left hand visible, giving the thumbs up. However, everyone involved in the image swears that this is not so and you would think one person would break the story of the ‘hoax’ eventually.

4. Peek A Boo


This picture was posted to Reddit and reposted on Imgur by a user who said the adults on the sofa were his great-grandparents. The picture was taken in December 1942, and everyone in the image is either dead or was too young at the time of the photo to remember it. Nobody seems to know who the man in the middle standing behind the sofa is, although the poster says the figure shares a likeness with his mother, she was not born until 24 years after this photograph.
It is possible the person is the photographer, and they used a timer. That might explain the fuzziness of the children, but it would not explain why the mystery person is brighter, more defined, and smaller than the rest of the family.

3. Armless Enough


Most of the images on this page have been exhaustively investigated, but this one, posted to a paranormal investigation forum in 2015, has not received the same kind of publicity and consequently does not appear to have been investigated that thoroughly.
The photograph was taken by a man identified only as Peter and shows two of his three children standing next to the family Christmas tree.
Nothing looks out of place as far as the boy is concerned, but the girl appears to be missing the bottom half of her right arm while at the same time casting a creepy long-fingered right arm shadow. Peter assured the forum there was no trickery and that his daughter does, in fact, have her entire right arm.
Also of interest are the shadows behind the girl that looks more like someone wearing a floor length dress than a little girl in shorts.

2. Mommy Is Still Playing


Some people would look at this photograph and claim that the strange humanoid apparition is a trick of the light, a glitch in the camera, or a reflection from the flash. Others argue that what appears to be a person crawling across the floor on all fours is actually the ghost of the young girl's mother who had recently passed away. In support of the spirit-mother theory is the fact that the girl appears to be looking directly at the crawling shape.
The child's father, who took the photograph says there were no apparent strange lights, reflections or misfirings of his camera equipment and he saw nothing unusual or suspicious when he snapped the picture. He also reported that his daughter did not speak to the apparition or give any indication at the time that she saw anything unusual.

1. Me, Myself And Whoever That Is


A family fishing trip turned into an X-Files worthy mystery for Jessica Ogletree’s family. Haley, Jessica’s 13-year-old daughter, had been doing what teenagers do and taking selfies while on the trip with her sibling Kolton and their grandparents Dennis and Vera.
The kids and the grandparents are both adamant that there was nobody else in the area where they were fishing so Haley could not have accidentally caught a passerby in her picture.
The young teen was shocked to look down at her screen and see the face of a stranger looking off past her family, even more so because nobody was there and she called her mother straight away.
Jessica posted the picture to Facebook where plenty of people immediately called photoshop, but the family swears the image is untouched and that the owner of the face and how they got into the photograph is a mystery.

By sujeet kumar
Credit- babygaga.com

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