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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Seven Scary Ghost Moments Caught On Camera

Scary Ghost Moments Caught On Camera
Ghosts - are they real or not? From the invention of the earliest photographic devices to the latest home video cameras, believers have pointed to images like these as proof. Could they be haunting spirits, phantoms, the dead reaching out to the living, or are some simply the result of camera tricks by clever hoaxers eager to convince millions hoping for evidence of life after death.
In this article i am telling about 7 most Scary Ghost Moments Caught On Camera.

7. Ghost Attacks Woman Caught on Tape

Bizarre CCTV footage has emerged this week showing a Chilean woman standing next to a desk in the lobby of her lawyer's office when she is suddenly thrown backwards on to the floor by an unseen force to the surprise of those around her.

6. Ghost in Hospital

Where could it be going to? From the angle of the camera, it looks like it flies out through the doorway at the top of the screen. The interesting thing about the robes worn by the ghost, is that the body seems to be wrapped in a sheet with its feet sticking out at the bottom.

5. Crying Ghost Sets A Family Up For An Awful Scare

The first part of this video, in which a man is woken up by the sound of crying and finds a crouching figure in the hallway, is scary enough. But when he returns for another glimpse at the figure, he finds it closer, its arms in the air, making it less likely to be a figment of his imagination and more likely to be some otherworldly presence in his home.

4. Mischievous Spirit Pesters A Video Store Employee

Anybody who's ever worked a lonely night shift has probably experienced the eerie feeling of something watching you, but this video store employee has proof that something strange was happening. This security footage shows the employee putting away videos, but, more interestingly, it shows strange events happening when his back is turned. The cart moves on its own, as if pushed by an unseen person, and videos begin falling from the shelves. After a few weird moments, the videos fall off in front of him, clearly not pushed by anything we can see. While running away may not be the most exciting response, let's be real - it's what most of us would do if we thought a ghost was messing with us at work.

3. Disneyland Ghost Takes A Spiritual Walk Around the Park

With the number of people who have scattered ashes at Disneyland, it shouldn't come as a surprise the happiest place on Earth might also be the most haunted. This footage from security cameras at the park seems to show a transparent, human-like figure walking through a gate and around the park. The eeriest thing is that multiple security cameras show the same figure from different angles - sure, it might be an elaborate hoax, but the footage is just realistic enough to be creepy and just mundane enough to feel real.

2. A Headless Ghost Manifests in Abandoned Building

the kids in this video ventured into an abandoned building for some urban exploring. After some strange dog sounds, one of the teenagers remarks that their full battery is drained, just before a strange, headless figure appears to materialize out of the wall.
The strange sound that plays at that moment is reportedly an Azan, or Muslim call for prayer. The two events could be unrelated, or, as some commenters suggest, the figure may be attempting to flee the holy sound.

1. Ghost Train Appears On Camera

Security footage at a railway station in Baotou, China captured a seriously spooky moment on March 10, 2018. What looks like a ghost train shows up on tape. Headlights appear and then a transparent train rolls into the station. After pausing for a moment, as if it's waiting to pick up passengers, the train pulls away.

by sujeet kumar


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