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Friday, July 20, 2018

6 Very Different Way To Promote your Blog Without Spending Money.

Promote your Blog Without Spending Money.

 Promote your Blog Without Spending Money.
A lot of blogs are created every day and a lot of websites and blogs are created daily, but only few of them find success.
So this post is going to be totally free to promote your new website or blog, which is a legal way.
It is very difficult to promote a blog without spending money, but there are other ways that you can promote your blog quite quickly and transfer a lot of traffic to your blog.
This post is going to be different from them or from those articles that tell you that you share on social media and from there you take traffic to your blog.
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6. Join a forum group to boost traffic to your site.

In the forum group your able to post or answer questions. In a forum group, you can easily become an expert on your field and built credibility. They are forum sites for all types of niches. Here are a couple of forum groups I have using in the past and still use.

Top Forums for SEO:-

5. Sign up for answer websites.

The answer websites are a place where people place questions about specific niches who are trying to find an answer. Becoming the expert at the answer websites will drive free traffic to your site. I have enlisted some of the sites you can sign up for free to drive organic traffic.

4. Publish More Articles

One of the most effective, but often ignored, ways to get traffic to a blog is by publishing more articles; research from Hubspot has shown that businesses that publish 16+ blog posts monthly get 3.5 times more traffic and 4.5 times more leads than businesses that publish between 0 – 5 blog posts monthly.
Promote your Blog Without Spending Money.
Seven-figure blogger Neil Patel also revealed that his monthly traffic went from 46,134 visitors to 59,787 visitors because he increased content frequency from 1 article to 2 articles weekly.
No matter your niche, research has shown that publishing more content will always lead to an increase in traffic for you; increase your content frequency to 2 or more articles a week, and you’ll notice a significant increase in traffic to your blog.

3. Blog Comments

Checking out blogs that are related to your industry segment can be a lot of fun. Not only is it entertaining, but it can help you network and spread the word about your own business.
Sharing helpful, insightful comments are a great way to become a part of the conversation on a blog. It shows to others you are an expert in your industry.
Don’t just leave a quick comment and a link to your site. That’s bad form and just spam. Make sure that you provide some sort of value to the community and the conversation. People will be more likely to be interested in who you are and what you have to say and just might check out your website.

2. Free Banner Exchange Advertising

Free banner exchange programs help to place your advertisement banner on the other website for free. Banner exchange advertising is different from banner advertising in that banner exchange advertising involves the display of other sites’ banner ads in exchange for the display of your banner ads on their sites.

1. Create a Blog Board In Pinterest

 Promote your Blog Without Spending Money.
Create a Board on Pinterest specifically for your blog articles. This makes it easy for your Followers to find your blog posts, and even Follow your blog Board.
Make the title of your Pinterest blog Board the same as your blog page title. For example, if you’re an Etsy store, and you blog about crafts and DIY projects, name your Pinterest blog Board the same as your website blog name, such as “Crafts and DIY Blog”, or “My Etsy Blog”.
Naming your Pinterest board with keywords makes it more likely to show up in search engines too.
When you write a blog post, Pin it to your blog Board. Include:
  • A brief summary, or quote, from the article
  • A great image that represents your post (we’ll talk more about the importance of images on Pinterest soon)
  • A link directly to your blog article 

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