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Saturday, July 14, 2018

How to Fast Your Realme 1 Face Unlock In Night

Fast Your Realme 1 Face Unlock In Night

How to Fast Your Realme 1 Face Unlock In Night
Few Weeks Ago a powerful smartphone launched in India with fastest face unlock under 20000 Rs.
Though the Oppo Realme 1 misses out on a fingerprint sensor, it has the Face Unlock feature. It is touted that the facial recognition feature on the smartphone is snappy and doesn't take a long time to unlock it.
But some people says Realme 1 face unlock is Slow and some time not work in night, in this post i,m telling about How to Fast Your Realme 1 Face Unlock at Night.
  1. First of all Enroll and submit Your Face unlock in Day Light.

  2. 2nd Thing you need to clear your front camera After Enrolling your Face.

  3. Enable Your automatic brightness compensation option In settings.

Oppo realme 1 is having automatic brightness compensation option while unlocking the phone through face id in dim light.

Main Trick.

If you doing All these steps already and you are not satisfied with face unlock in dark surroundings then this trick definitely works for you.

Main reason Why your realme 1's face unlock is not working at night, wallpapers colors if your wallpaper colors is blueish and some dark then realme 1 is having problem some time.
Like This Wallpapers Light is so blueish and front camera is unable to Recognizing Face If you are set your screen lock wallpaper change your photo into something light kind of wallpaper Like this one.

This wallpaper Having so many colors and lights.
You can Find other wallpaper  

By sujeet kumar

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