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Saturday, September 15, 2018

5 Mysterious Things Caught on Camera & Spotted In Real Life!

5 Mysterious Things Caught on Camera & Spotted In Real Life!

 5 Mysterious Things Caught on Camera & Spotted In Real Life!

Ready to be amazed, entertained and shocked by these 5 Mysterious Things You SHOULDN’T Watch Alone!?

The world is full of strange and unexplained creatures. Every day scientists discover new species or rediscover old ones, as they finally penetrate vast forests and jungles that have never been explored by outsiders.

5. Illuminati​ ​Get​ ​Together

This video is being touted as a secret tape from a high-level illuminati ceremony, but we’re pretty skeptical, to be completely honest. The footage shows what looks like a bunch of illuminati members dressed in suits and watching a very strange and, somewhat puzzlingly, erotic dance number. The dance is performed by someone who looks like they’re moonlighting as a stripper, with fishnet stockings and heels to complete her lacy getup. The dance is nothing but a long, drawn-out stiptease that isn’t even tasteful in our opinion. The men seem entranced and all they do the entire time is ogle her while trying to look pensive.
They just stare away like they’re all but dead inside and have just gotten so used to tradition and routine that this is commonplace, even dull for the most part. They’re creepy as sin and it would be a terrifying spot to be in. We don’t know exactly who these men are or who their female companion is, but there are freemason symbols on the wall and the guys all look like old, white fogeys, representing the kind of group we’ve come to expect from the illuminati legend. This could very well be an actual illuminati video, but it’s poorly done and a group with so much power must have a little more attention to detail, even when it comes to something as irrelevant as a video.

4.​ ​Ghost​ ​in​ ​Mirror

Ghost Video, Watch, Alone, New, Viral

This little girl has something strange going on with her and we wouldn’t be surprised to hear that she grows up to be a little terror. She definitely seems like she’s possessed by some ancient evil, although it could just be that some malevolent spirit is busy haunting her every waking moment. This video is terrifying and after seeing it we wouldn’t want to spend a single second in this little girl’s presence. It seems like she’s a completely normal girl, going peacefully about her day.

There seems to be nothing out of the ordinary and it initially seems like nothing strange is going to happen. She’s just brushing her hair and having fun, pausing to look at the camera every once in awhile, clearly enjoying the attention she’s getting. If you watch the mirror closely then you eventually see what led this video to gain so much attention.

3. Man possessed by ghost (on cctv)

Though there will always be skeptics, our world is a lot more interesting than we sometimes give it credit for. Sightings of supernatural beings have been reported since the dawn of human communication, and it would be naive to believe all of those reports are hoaxes. The loch ness monster might be a bit of a stretch, and perhaps it’s time to admit most of those faeries are just pretty bugs, but just try to explain away

According to the Indian medical literature and Tantric Buddhist scriptures, most of the "seizers," or those that threaten the lives of young children, appear in animal form: cow, lion, fox, monkey, horse, dog, pig, cat, crow, pheasant, owl, and snake. But apart from these "nightmare shapes," the impersonation or incarnation of animals could in some circumstances also be highly beneficial, according to Michel Strickmann.[2]
The practitioner has no recollection of the possession and in fact when the possessing spirit leaves the body, the possessed one is tired and wonders what has happened during the possession. Not all practitioners have the ability to become possessed, but practitioners who do generally prefer not to make excessive use of it because it drains immense energy from them. It is said that only the lwa can choose who it wants to possess, for the spirit may have a mission that it can carry out spiritually. It is believed that those possessed by the lwa probably are at a very high spiritual level such that their soul is mature and at an advanced level.[citation needed]

2.Keith Sapsford

Creepiest photos, Creepiest, photos, Viral, DARE, see, New, Creepiest, photos

With the constant advances happening nowadays with camera technology, it is not the strangest thing that photos of creepy moments have continued to surface. Some of these photos are taken at a moment when everyone looking at it can see what is about to happen, yet the moment seems frozen in time. You can only just stare at the fact of the matter. The un-escapable truth. Pictures like this next one on our list do that better than most other ones. Picture number four on our list comes from Australia where one young boy risked everything to follow his dreams. Keith Sapsford was a restless young fourteen year old Australian boy who reportedly ran away from home on a regular basis.

He ran away from home so often that his parents needed to ask for help and Keith is eventually sent to an association for troubled children. Young Mr Sapsford wants to see the world though and he cannot do it from this place. So on the 21st of February he escapes the home for troubled children and on the 24th just three days later he is said to have sneaked into Sydney Airport where he climbed on to a planes wheel and hid in the compartment that holds the wheel during flight. He reportedly waited there for quite a while before the plane which was bound for Tokyo eventually took off and when the wheels of the plane were brought in, Keith fell over 60 metres to his death.

This young boy whose parents had been planning an around the world trip to settle the boy’s need would have his fall immortalised by someone randomly testing their camera at the exact moment he would fall. This picture is an excellent example of how camera technology has the ability to freeze such an amazing moment in time forever. The thought that this is just seconds before the poor kid hits the runway is a creepy one though.

1.Queensland Mud Pool Monster

Mysterious Animals, Mysterious, Animals, Caught, Camera, Viral, Spotted, Real, Life, New
The Solar Whisper Daintree River Crocodile and Wildlife Tour group that caught sight of this strange-looking animal have remained puzzled about what it was they saw during one particular trip. The animal was seen poking its straight straight up and out of a mud pool and has stumped pretty much everyone who’s come across it. The owner of the tour company was able to think quickly and get an extreme close up shot of the creature, which remains almost motionless for quite some time before eventually retreating back into its watery habitat. Some have said that it could even be an oversized mussel, although we think that’s taking things a little too far.
Others have jokingly pointed out that it looks a lot like a miniature whale, but nobody seems to be able to point us in the right direction as far as identifying it is concerned. The best suggestions so far are that the creature could be a type of lungfish or other such bivalve creature, with tour guides who saw it maintaining that it could easily be a mud-skipper, which we think is a reasonable assumption. Then again, we’re no wildlife experts and our guess is as good as yours. The creature really does look somewhat alien in appearance.

source by thefinestpost.com

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