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Saturday, September 1, 2018

How To Promote your Gaming And PC Realated Content For Free.

Promote your Gaming And PC Realated Content For Free

YouTube gaming channels can be loosely-defined as any channel that covers gaming, but that’s a bit too general a way to describe a diverse array of content creators. YouTube gaming channels do all kinds of different things: some create gaming-inspired comedic skits, others focus on in-game commentaries, others dive in deep with criticism and analysis, others speculate and theorize about a game’s lore, others serve as tutorials…

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Join a Community for Your YouTube Gaming Channel and PC Related content

While you’re engaging with other gamers on forums, you can also promote your YouTube gaming channel by starting a companion blog.

Get Active in the Community 

Just like your neighborhood or town, YouTube has its own community. It consists of people who make videos and people who enjoy watching video.
If you’re not involved in this community, people will be less likely to watch your content. They won’t hear about your channel as readily or recognize your name or business name when they see it.
Commenting on other people’s videos, for example, might seem like a waste of time. After all, that activity doesn’t directly boost engagement on your own videos.
However, when people see that you’re consistently providing value to the community, they’ll start to seek you out. YouTube channel promotion doesn’t always have to start on your channel.

Promote Your YouTube Content on Gamers Discussion Hub

Gaming blogs and online magazines are always looking for quality content. They often welcome guest bloggers and contributors with open arms. When you reach out to these publications, go ahead and send them a blog or column and a bio that are ready to be published. This way they’ll know you’re serious, and they can get your contribution into their next edition, which could be as soon as the next day or week.
Why should you be a guest blogger or contributor? The people who read these blogs and magazines are your target audience. If you can show them that you provide content that they’re interested in, they’ll want to see more of what you have to offer.
Be sure to include a link to your YouTube channel and/or your Facebook page in your author bio so that interested readers can follow it to see your gaming videos. Remember that this isn’t an advertisement. You’re giving your potential viewers a taste of what your YouTube channel is about; you’re not writing a press release for your channel. People won’t read that kind of post, and blogs and magazines won’t publish it, either, so be wary of too much self-promotion.

Become an Author For Gamers Discussion Hub

You may not be able to collaborate with everyone who has a gaming channel on YouTube, but you can certainly network with a lot of people who have similar or related channels to yours. Watch their videos and interact with them on their channels. Leave them valuable comments and feedback, and jump right into the discussion in the comments threads on their YouTube videos.
Just like participating in forums or writing guest blog posts, don’t make your engagement with other gamers about promoting your YouTube gaming channel. Instead, show that you care about the gaming community. Make sure that all of your comments and replies are thoughtful, and on topic. If you contribute value to the conversation, other viewers will click on your username to find out more about your gaming channel, and you’ll get more views and subscribers.
[And You Can Join for your gaming and pc content]

Live On Twitch

Everyone knows Twitch was originally created to share and enjoy gaming content, but since the launch of the Creative category, the platform has become home to a thriving artistic community, including CG Art. Here 2D and 3D artists are able to connect with themselves and fans in new and more direct ways, sharing knowledge in a truly interactive environment. I caught up with Ashley A. Adams and Brendon Isaiah Bengtson, two professional artists currently making their mark in the world of live streaming, for their thoughts on how best to grow a Creative Twitch audience.

“Interactivity is the reason why my channel has grown to where it is now,” says Adams. “I find it is incredibly important to interact with my viewers. At first it was hard for me to talk and work at the same time, but as time went on I learned to alternate between working and talking about what I am doing while catching up with chat.”
“I think interactivity is what pushes good streams to the top,” agrees Bengtson . “People can watch regular art tutorials or YouTube videos on their own time. You’re streaming to connect with people.”

In few Days I,m Writing Full Of Twitch Growing Post.

By Sujeet Kumar

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