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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

5 Best Camera App With Portrait Mode For Single Camera Smartphones

There are mobile apps available for just about every subject you can think of, and photography apps are among the most used and popular. They can help with many different aspects of photography, including bokeh or blur images where some of the scenes are outside the depth of field. Bokeh (aka Boke) derives from the Japanese language and translates as blur.

The majority of these phones feature a dual-camera setup where the primary lens is used to capture the subject while the secondary one (telephoto or wide lens) creates depth to differentiate between subject and background.
However, handsets like the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL come with a single camera sensor. But that doesn’t prevent them from offering a great Portrait Mode. Google’s flagships take bokeh shots using dual pixel focus, software algorithms including machine learning and computational photography.

5. AirBrush

If you’re looking for an app that functions more like a camera app, then AirBrush is the perfect choice for portrait mode functionality. The app allows you to apply the effect, along with others, as you take the photo.
Since the app uses image segmentation software rather than relying on camera hardware, you can also select pictures that are already in your phone’s gallery to edit. AirBrush includes beautifying features, color filters, and a few other simple editing features.
To access the background blur mode, select the settings menu and the icon that looks like a camera lens. This icon turns background blur on and off. Once you’ve taken the photo, you can adjust the blur and add other edits.

4. O2Cam

Break through the limitations of smartphone photography and capture the delicate texture of your skin.
Bring your natural, genuine beauty to life with O2Cam.
Take photos that look flawless in every detail.

Noise, smoke & fog, window lights, flares… all elements help to create a great atmosphere.
Every set comes with tasteful filters and makeup looks customized by fashion experts.
Every set will make creating natural, exquisite photos easier than ever.
Just snap away and let O2Cam make all your dreams come true.
Dozens of delicate yet natural facial adjustments; preserve the look of the user’s skin in the photo.
“Subtle yet detailed adjustments make customizing your makeup incredibly easy.

It is you to define beauty and delicacy.
#Smart AI
A brand-new algorithm that helps to automatically enhance and adjust photos according to the environment they’re taken in.
Say no to boring selfies that all look the same! Customize your very own classy, elegant photo qualities and make your selfies pop.

3. Fabby

BLUR: Add a background blur effect so that it looks like you’re using an expensive camera.
AI-POWERED: Let the app randomly select effects from an unlimited base of designs and intelligently apply them to your selfies.

Get a new look for your selfie each time you tap through a collection of more than 2 billion designer styles. Select from hundreds of masks, backgrounds, makeup designs, and other creative effects.
HAIR COLORING & MAKEUP: The AI-powered technology recognizes different parts of your selfies and intelligently applies hairstyle & makeover effects.
DIGITAL BEAUTIFICATION: With the smart & natural auto-beautifying function, you will get perfect smooth skin, bright eyes, and white teeth.

2. Insta bokeh : blend camera

Bokeh, bokeh, and more bokeh, this app works differently by applying virtual layers to your images. It doesn’t have as many features as the most popular photo editing apps, but it’s worth a whirl. Insta Bokeh offers four categories of bokeh effects, Dream World, Favorite Text, Romantic Sky, and Tender Night, and each selection offers various filters and bokeh and light effects. You can adjust the transparency, drag, and drop or rotate, and share the results on social networks such as Snapchat.

Insta bokeh : blend camera is a wonderful app that you can choose your favorite bokeh and blend effect to your photo. There are four function for you: romantic sky / tender night / dream world / favorite text. All of them are amazing !!!

1. Google Camera

This is yet another option, and it’s Google’s standalone app of the one available on Nexus and Google Play Edition devices. The features are somewhat limited, but the ones on offer are effective, for example, Lens Blur. From the shoot mode screen, you’ll see the Lens Blur option, which offers a brief tutorial on how to capture bokeh effect photos. Other creative picture modes available are Photo Sphere offering a 360-degree field of vision for your pictures, while the Panorama mode enables high definition panoramic shots.

Never miss a moment with Google Camera, and take fantastic pictures using features such as HDR+ and Smartburst.
HDR+ – Take pictures using HDR+ to capture fantastic photos, especially in low-light or backlit scenes.
Video Stabilization – Capture exceptionally smooth videos even if your hands shake.
Smartburst – Hold down the shutter button to automatically capture a stream of photos and make moving GIFs.
Photo sphere – Create immersive spherical photos.
Lens Blur – Add elegant background blur (bokeh) to close-up pictures.
Slow Motion – Capture action in epic slow motion video (up to 240fps on some supported devices)

BY Sujeet Kumar

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