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5 Most Mysterious Website

 Top 5 Most Unknown and Mysterious Websites.

Hay guys i,m Sujeet Kumar In this article, I will tell you 5 most Dangerous and mysterious website.
This article is going to be interesting, so watch out

A lot of people think that the internet is a clean place but sometimes they come from some websites that you find quite strange and they are also quite mysterious

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5. Death Date : Tells you when you'll die

Listening to that clock tick is just morbid.
Top 5 Most Unknown and Mysterious Websites.

4. Skyway Bridge Jumpers : Counts how many people commit suicide off Skyway Bridge

he Skyway Bridge in Florida is the fourth most suicide active bridge in USA. This website actively keeps count of these death, which is creepy considering it's basically a dedicated suicide follower.
Top 5 Most Unknown and Mysterious Websites.


Top 5 Most Unknown and Mysterious Websites.
After a mysterious website known as oct282011. com popped up, no one could determine its purpose. This site appeared in 2011 and is currently down.
The site consisted of a dark screen containing only a few cryptic lines of text. A link that leads you to crudely-drawn images of pyramids and Schrodinger’s cat. A phone number that most people are too terrified to call.
People began to call the number and what they heard was creepy, to say the least. There would be an unnatural silence followed by a loud beep. Some swore they could hear heavy breathing in the distance. One or two reported awful, muffled voices. At least one person heard something heavy being dragged across the floor.
In a YouTube video one person claimed they called three times, and heard something so disturbing, so disgusting that they can’t even describe what it was. One person who called six times heard a sinister voice whisper “it’s him again.”
Then suddenly, on April 26, 2015 the website went dark.
No one knows who is behind this, but some believe that they may be involved in a cult and the website was made ti recruit new members. Numerous people on various message boards have debated the purpose and origin of the site, but there are no answers so far.


Top 5 Most Unknown and Mysterious Websites.
If you can’t see the mysterious, ambiguous resemblance between the first American black president in history and the crazy white dude who owns the site then something is wrong with your eyes, according to him. We don’t know if this dude is being serious or he’s just having fun but if some people have indeed convinced this dude that he somehow looks like Obama then something is very wrong with their minds and their eyes.


Top 5 Most Unknown and Mysterious Websites.
In 2008, 4Chan users attacked a girl named Katy Robinson, after she uploaded a photo of herself onto the site. A day later, a girl claiming to be her sister said that Katy has killed herself as a result of the cyber bullying. Soon after, a figure named Jeff the Killer, with a creepy smile, pale face and dead-looking eyes, began popping up on the boards. This “character” became an Internet sensation, cropping up in video games, short films, comic books and various other media. Soon after 4Chan users realized that Jeff the Killer bore a remarkably similar appearance to the allegedly deceased Katy.

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By sujeet kumar
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 5 Best Camera Phones Under 10000 Rs

 5 Best Camera Phones Under 10000 Rs in india June 2018
Budget smartphones these days offer tons of new features, but what if your priorities lies in having the best camera. So, to help you with that we have created this list of the best camera phone under 10000. These phones also offer decent performance and good battery life, but the main feature here is the camera and will satisfy your need for the having the best camera quality phone under 10000.

1. Xiaomi Redmi Y2

5 Best Camera Phones Under 10000 Rs in india June 2018

Camera Primary Dual: 12 MP (f/2.2, 1.25μm, PDAF) + 5 MP, gyro-EIS, phase detection autofocus, LED flash
Features Geo-tagging, touch focus, face detection, panorama, HDR
Video [email protected]
Secondary 16 MP, HDR, LED flash

The Redmi Y2 gets a 12-megapixel primary sensor paired with a 5MP depth-sensing camera on the back, and a 16MP selfie camera on the front. Both the front and rear camera units are assisted by AI for semantic segmentation of object and background for portrait shots and the bokeh effect, along with an enhanced beauty mode.
The rear camera seems as good as the one in the Redmi Note 5 Pro. It takes detailed shots in good light conditions but stutters in low-light photography. The camera boasts the portrait mode, which utilises AI-based semantic segmentation to differentiate between the object and the background. Therefore, the portraits look balanced with enhanced background blur. Even in the auto mode, the camera manages to take detailed shots with ample background blur.
Talking of the selfie camera, the 16MP unit is on a par with the 20MP sensor found in the Redmi Note 5 Pro. It takes detailed shots in all lighting conditions, except that dark night shots come out with visible noise and require steady hands to capture stable shots. The depth effect using the selfie camera allows taking group portraits with enhanced blur. Interestingly, group portraits show no halos and manage to capture every individual in detail while blurring the background effectively. The selfie camera in the Redmi Y2 is by far the most capable unit among smartphones in the segment.

2. Oppo Realme 1 32GB

5 Best Camera Phones Under 10000 Rs in india June 2018
  • 3 GB RAM | 128 GB ROM | MicroSD upto 256 GB
  • 6 inch Full HD Plus Display 1080p
  • Back Camera: 13MP
  • Front Camera: 8MP
  • 3410mAh Battery
  • Dual Sim Device
  • Available in Diamond Black, Solar Red Colors
Best Price ₹8990

In the Camera department, Realme 1 comes with a single rear sensor of 13MP with LED flash and an 8 MP sensor on the front. The rear camera images have a good amount of details but when the images are zoomed in, there is a bit of noise that can be seen. The Realme 1 uses AI and beautification mode to enhance the images. On the front camera, we again have the option of bokeh effect, the image quality is good with sharp colours and clarity. Both the rear and the front camera features AR stickers.  Comparing the camera performance, the Redmi Note 5 Pro camera absolutely stands out in both rear and front camera with punchier details and better clarity but Oppo Realme 1 camera is much better than the Redmi Note 5. 

3. Honor 7C

5 Best Camera Phones Under 10000 Rs in india June 2018

  • 3 GB RAM | 32 GB ROM | MicroSD upto 256 GB
  • 6 inch HD Plus Display 720p
  • Back Camera: 13MP + 2MP Dual Camera
  • Front Camera: 8MP
  • 3000mAh Battery
  • Dual Sim Device
  • Available in Black, Blue, Gold Colors
Best Price ₹9999

ual cameras are the new mainstream definition of smartphone camera and It's taking over the scene quite fast, we appreciate Huawei making the game intense by putting dual sensor 13 MP + 2 MP, f/2.2, with LED flash at the back and an 8 MP, f/2.0 sensor with a soft LED flash at the front for selfies. The second camera at the back doesn’t do a lot, except capturing the depth information for making those bokeh shots possible. While taking the camera out for a spin, we found that It is just a notch better than other budget cameras but the performance isn’t all that stupefying. It takes some decent shots in outdoor lighting with very feeble dynamic range, the camera struggles without a shy in low-light conditions and the indoor lighting doesn’t work well as well. The portrait mode works justifiably good but isn’t the best we’ve seen in the range. Overall, the camera performance is quite satisfactory with nothing to blow our minds. And since Its a budget Android, no one is expecting exceptional camera prowess here.

4. Infinix Hot S3

5 Best Camera Phones Under 10000 Rs in india June 2018
  • 3 GB RAM | 32 GB ROM | MicroSD upto 128 GB
  • 5.6 inch HD+ Display 720p
  • Back Camera: 13MP
  • Front Camera: 20MP
  • 4000mAh Battery
  • Dual Sim Device
  • Available in Black, Gold Colors
Best Price ₹8999

The camera performance of Infinix Hot S3 is impressive for the price, it has a rear camera of 13MP resolution. The camera performs well in daylight and under low light the performance is average. The front camera, which is USP of the device, is a 20MP camera with a selfie dual-tone flash. The front camera on Infinix Hot S3 is great for taking selfies. The pictures look great under daylight. Low light selfies also come out well because of dual-tone flash. Overall the camera performance is good. There is also beautify mode which is something a lot of people like.

5. Xiaomi Redmi Y1

5 Best Camera Phones Under 10000 Rs in india June 2018
  • 3 GB RAM | 32 GB ROM | MicroSD upto 256 GB
  • 5.5 inch HD Display 720p
  • Back Camera: 13MP
  • Front Camera: 16MP
  • 3080mAh Battery
  • Dual Sim Device
  • Available in Dark Grey, Gold Colors
Best Price ₹8999

The camera performance of Redmi Y1 is impressive, it has a rear camera of 13MP with LED flash which is pretty decent in this price range. In our initial impressions, the outdoor shots looked good with plenty of details and sharpness. The picture quality in low light conditions was average though. The front camera, which is USP of the device, is a 16MP camera with a selfie flash. The front camera on Redmi Y1 is great for taking selfies. The software automatically beautifies your face and because the resolution is high, the pictures are very detailed. There is front flash as well so selfies in low light look good as well. Overall, the camera performance of Redmi Y1 is really good considering the price at which it is launched.

by sujeet kumar

Microsoft is calling Windows 10 'the last version of Windows'
Microsoft is sick of you not upgrading, and has a solution: Windows 10 will be the final “version” of Windows. Ever.
This is called Windows As A Service, and it’s a big deal. To understand what it means, think of Gmail or Facebook: longtime users know these services have changed over the years, but there aren’t “versions” of them. There’s no Facebook XP, or Gmail 7 – there’s just Facebook, and Gmail, both of which change over time.
Windows, apparently, is going to be like that. Microsoft’s Terry Myers explains:


Put simply, in the 21st century most people don’t pay for operating system upgrades. Instead, they pay for new devices, then use whatever comes with the device until it dies. There’s not really a compelling reason for people to change that habit, because OS upgrades don’t offer the vast improvements seen between Windows 3.1 and 95.
Microsoft knows this. It’s been almost 15 years since Windows XP came out, yet by some measures almost as many people use XP today as Windows 8 and 8.1 combined. From Wikipedia:

 Microsoft has been discussing the idea of Windows as a service, but the company hasn't really explained exactly how that will play out with future versions of Windows. That might be because there won't really be any future major versions of Windows in the foreseeable future. Microsoft has altered the way it engineers and delivers Windows, and the initial result is Windows 10. Instead of big releases, there will be regular improvements and updates. Part of this is achieved by splitting up operating system components like the Start Menu and built-in apps to be separate parts that can be updated independently to the entire Windows core operating system. It's a big undertaking, but it's something Microsoft has been actively working on for Windows 10 to ensure it spans across multiple device types.

 windows 95 launch


by sujeet kumar


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