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if you see in my previous post many creepy photo on my previous post is commonly on internet.
but in this post I am listen some unique and mysterious photo with hidden figures.
Most Mysterious Photos With Hidden Amazing details. if you see in my previous post many creepy photo on my previous post is commonly on internet. but in this post I am listen some unique and mysterious photo with hidden figures.

The Skunk Ape

The story:

In 2000, two photographs said to be of the Skunk Ape were taken by an anonymous woman and mailed to the Sarasota County, Florida, Sheriff’s Department. The photographs were accompanied by a letter from the woman in which she claims to have photographed an ape in her backyard.

Possible explanation:

Most skeptics believe it’s nothing other than a black bear.
You can read more about the skunk ape by clicking here.

  Bokeh, an out-of-focus part of a picture

 showing an unsettling background presence. If you look closely at this picture, you can spot a strange, floating figure to the left of the photo. Could it be a ghost, an illusion, or simply a smudge on the camera?

 This creepy photo was taken in the mid-90s by a tourist visiting a cave in Ras al-Khaimah, United Arab Emirates.

freaky creature and decided to take a photo. The friends also apparently heard a boy shrieking right after the picture was taken. They contacted the police, who searched the cave and found a human body. To this day, the two friends swear that what they saw was not a human body, but a scary, alien-like creature. There are many legends and stories surrounding the picture that differ in the outcome for the two friends. Some people believe that only one of the friends made it out of the cave alive. The image first began circulating in the middle of the 1990s in England when the photographer returned to his home country and sold it to the Bournemouth Advertiser where it ran in the newspaper and caught global attention.

The first known photograph of a human being

Also from around the same era, in the mid-1800s, is a series of peculiar Victorian-era photographs that were unearthed by the National Museum of Scotland in 2015. Scattered amongst the various photographs of the time are many that seem to show the same family, appearing to be on vacation in the town of Margate, Kent. The photos are taken over a long enough period that the kids can be seen to be growing up through the images, and it is an amazing photographic progression of a family from another era stuck in time on film. The thing is, no one has any idea of who they really were, and there are no notes or markings on the photographs to identify them in any way. Just about the only thing known about these mysterious photos is that the one who took them was a W. Colder, but other than that this seemingly well-adjusted, happy family who we see progress over the years of their annual vacation are completely anonymous, and at some point the photos just abruptly stop. Who were these people and what happened to them? Why did they stop their vacations to Margate? What were their names? We will never know, and they have become lost to the tides of history.

This photo of the San Pedro Mummy shows mummified remains which were discovered in a cave in Wyoming in 1932.

explain what exactly the figure is. The mummy has since been passed on to a New York businessman, Leonard Wadler, and its present location is unknown.

By sujeet kumar

Most Mysterious and Creepy videos

 5 Most Mysterious and Creepy videos on Internet
Some People upload and submit Many Mysterious Videos On internet, Normally People Upload Mysterious Videos on raddit and Youtube.

Some of Videos Is very scary and Creepy,
Note. Mature content (14+)

There are so many bizarre videos on the Internet that "the weird side of YouTube" is a common phrase for the Internet-aware.

i,m Sujeet Kumar and i am listing some 5 Most Mysterious and Creepy videos on Internet.

Also Read..

1. Sad Satan Video Game

You may only be familiar with the idea of the deep web through the many news reports about it (most of which make it sound like a place that exists solely for people to connect with strangers who want to help them commit acts of organized crime). But there's much more to it than all the think pieces and crime procedural TV shows might have led you to believe.
All kinds of things exist in the password-protected depths of the deep web — including disturbing video games, like the mysterious "Sad Satan," which was supposedly found on a deep web forum. A user of that forum found it and sent it to Jamie Farrell, of the "Obscure Horror Corner" YouTube channel. Farrell uploaded some videos of the disturbing survival horror game, which involves long walks down darkened hallways, garbled-sounding backwards voices and a photo of a guy wearing deer antlers. Then, after claiming that the video was installing programs on his computer without his permission, Farrell deleted the game file...and no one has been able to find the actual game since.

2. I Feel Fantastic

I Feel Fantastic was posted to YouTube in 2009 by user Creepyblog. The video itself is pretty straight forward; a mannequin like animatronic character named Tara moves her head and arms while singing the song “I Feel Fantastic.” While that’s creepy enough in itself, the strangeness takes a new turn when seemingly unrelated footage begins to intercut Tara’s poses. The footage, possibly of a backyard, zooms in on a pile of sticks while the lyrics say “Run, run, run.”

3. The Max Headroom Hack

The now infamous hack featured an unidentified individual wearing a mask resembling the fictional character Max Headroom. The pre-recorded video was seen twice in the span of three hours after hackers were able to infiltrate a broadcast signal for WTTW and interrupted an episode of Doctor Who on 22nd November 1987. The masked character bounced around the screen maniacally to a swirling metallic background before the intrusion cut off. While the hijacking itself was unsettling, the lack of obvious motive or message to the video made it difficult to pinpoint who possible suspects might be. Despite a full investigation, the perpetrators were never caught and the Max Headroom hack has since become the stuff of legend.
A few hours later, folks in the same area who were trying to watch a Doctor Who episode on PBS got a longer version of the video that news viewers saw before: in this later version, the man in the rubber mask mumbles a bunch of nonsense for a minute and a half and then, at the videos' climax, is spanked by a woman with a flyswatter.

4. The Plague Doctor

The black and white segment comes in at two minutes in length and features someone dressed as a plague doctor. The outfit was designed to keep airborne illness from infecting those treating victims from various diseases. It includes a long dark beak-like mask with black shroud that covers the wearer’s entire body.
The Plague Doctor Video was first published on the Swedish blog GadgetZZ in 2015. The video depicts a person in a plague doctor’s mask doing some very strange things in an apparently abandoned building. Morse code, an odd static tone, and some jump-cuts and overlays of mutilated bodies spliced in all feature in this deeply unsettling video. The editor of GadgetZZ claimed the video was sent to him as part of a digital puzzle contained on a DVD delivered to his house with no return address. Not knowing what else what to do with it, he posted it on his website. YouTube user AETBX also posted the video online, claiming to have received the video anonymously in the mail. His video was entitled ‘01101101 01110101 01100101 01110010 01110100 01100101’ which in binary code this translates to “Muerte”, the Spanish word for death.

5. Blank Room Soup

This video is also thought to have emerged from the Deep Web. At first glance, the video seems relatively tame. There is a man sitting at a table with his eyes blacked out and eating soup. A person in a character costume comes up behind him and begins patting him on the back. As this happens, the man eating begins to sob. Then a second person dressed in the same getup enters the frame and appears to be trying to comfort the now crying man.
When it was first uploaded in 2008, it was taken as a joke, prank or some kind of strange experiment. It’s been nearly nine years since its appearance on the web, and still no one has stepped forth to claim it—which has led some to believe that there may be a more sinister story behind the video than what was initially thought.

By sujeet kumar

Credit - Other source

 install Metasploit  on Linux  Advance hacking tool

The Metasploit Project is a computer security project that provides information about security vulnerabilities and aids in penetration testing and IDS signature development.
Its best-known sub-project is the open source Metasploit Framework, a tool for developing and executing exploit code against a remote target machine. Other important sub-projects include the Opcode Database, shellcode archive and related research.
The Metasploit Project is well known for its anti-forensic and evasion tools, some of which are built into the Metasploit Framework.

 Metasploit is most  World's Most Used Penetration Testing Tool

Open terminal in Linux and type.

curl > msfinstall && \
chmod 755 msfinstall && \
And Hit Enter. It will download all the packages of metasploit framework and install it as well no manual installation work here. Isn’t that cool?! lol.
Now when it will complete installation it will ask you to run metasploit console. So type sudo msfconsole in your terminal and hit enter.
Then type your sudo (root user) password and hit enter again.

Who is Baphomet?

Baphomet is an enigmatic, goat-headed figure found in several instance in the history of occultism. From the Knights Templar of the Middle-Ages and the Freemasons of the 19th century to modern currents of occultism, Baphomet never fails to create controversy. But where does Baphomet originate from and, most importantly, what is the true meaning of this symbolic figure? This article looks at the origins of Baphomet, the esoteric meaning of Baphomet and its occurrence in popular culture.
Simple words Baphomet is a beast
Baphomet कौन है?
बाइफमेट एक गूढ़, बकरी वाला सिर वाला व्यक्ति है जो ओकल्टीज़्म के इतिहास में कई उदाहरणों में पाया गया है। मध्य युग के शूरवीरों टेंपलर और 1 9वीं शताब्दी के फ़्रीमेसन से, आक्षेपवाद के आधुनिक धाराओं से, बाफमेट कभी विवाद पैदा करने में विफल रहता है। लेकिन Baphomet कहाँ से उत्पन्न होता है और सबसे महत्वपूर्ण बात यह है कि इस प्रतीकात्मक आंकड़े का सही अर्थ क्या है? यह लेख बाफमेट के मूल, बाफमेट का गूढ़ अर्थ और लोकप्रिय संस्कृति में इसकी घटना को देखता है।
आसान भाषा में बताया जाए तो Baphomet एक शैतान है

Baphomet c sujeet kumar


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