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UFO Caught On Camera

Since the beginning of time, people have always wondered about the existence of life on other planets. Could there be aliens in our galaxy? Do they want to take over the human race? Are they friendly? So many questions, yet so little answers.
Although NASA and the government are usually pretty tightlipped about the topic, many conspiracy theorists are always trying to find out the truth. In this video, one man makes a very shocking discovery. He seems to have crossed paths with an alien spaceship

Many times you heard about UFO caught on camera and see some photos but many times photos is fake.
In this post i am showing some UFO Caught On Camera and explain How its possible.

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  UFO Photos and Videos

A huge blazing fireball UFO has been witnessed above New Zealand, doing something simply unbelievable! In the spectacular recent footage, a massive brightly lit blazing object is seen crashing to the ground, leaving an immense amount of smoke trail behind it – but then craft appears to stop its path and suddenly catapults vertically into the air!!?
After this bizarre event, the huge brightly lit craft appears to turn back around and continue back on its trajectory, leaving its fiery trail behind it.
The mind-boggling video was taken in New Zealand on July 31.  Please check out the strange capture video below, which was originally put up by a youtuber named ‘UFO Fan’
As expected, UFO sightings were dramatically on the UP during the recent Solar Eclipse.  MUFON were inundated with reportings from people who filmed, photographed, or claimed to see UFOs while watching the once in a life time spectacle across wide parts of the US. It appears that our ET friends wanted to be seen!
Many thousands of people aimed their video and camera equipment at the skies as the creepy looking eclipse made its way across the states from the west coast to the east.
It was reported that investigators at MUFON have been sent at least ten sighting reports since immediately after the Eclipse went over the US!
They include one snap which appears to show three disc shaped objects sparing over hills at Scottsbluff National Monument in Nebraska.


10. IT manager

Job description: "IT managers implement and maintain a company's information technology."
Average salary for workers without a degree: $100,177

9. Product manager

Job description: "Workers in product management outline a strategy and roadmap for products that the engineering team will build."
Average salary for workers without a degree: $101,421

8. Director of marketing

Job description: "High-ranking executive that steers the marketing efforts of a company."
Average salary for workers without a degree: $114,987

7. DevOps engineer

Job description: "A challenging job to fill, the DevOps engineer uses a variety of technologies and programs to automate systems and manage software deployments."
Average salary for workers without a degree: $121,262

6. Director of IT

Job description: "High-ranking executive in charge of an organization's information technology."
Average salary for workers without a degree: $122,532
Here are the top 10 feeder schools for the tech industry

5. Lead engineer

Job description: "An experienced engineer with management skills, this person leads teams of engineers through the completion of projects."
Average salary for workers without a degree: $132,856

4. Architect

Job description: "Architects define the overarching structure, specs, and guidelines of software programs and systems."
Average salary for workers without a degree: $143,879

3. Sales engineer

Job description: "Combining technological knowledge with sales skills, sales engineers sell complex tech-based products and services to companies."
Average salary for workers without a degree: $148,726

2. Director of sales

Job description: "High-level executives that manage the sales strategy of tech products and services."
Average salary for workers without a degree: $165,579

1. VP of engineering

Job description: "VPs of Engineering predominantly focus primarily on managing engineers and product delivery."
Average salary for workers without a degree: $178,062

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In India hacking is a most negative thing in India

people think about hacking. hacking is a wrong word but it's not true.
but i am showing some illegal hacking laws.

Legal action against black-hat hackers and data theft.

As entrepreneurs in the digital world, a threat we all face is of our data and information being hacked into. We live with the constant threat everyday that someone may get access to our business data by hacking into our computers or using your Wi-fi networks. While most of these can be easily and cheaply secured, a question we get asked a lot is what legal action can be taken against a hacker.
More specifically, Does the Indian law protect us like the law in developed nations does?
What action can we take against data theft?
To begin with, it is reassuring to know that our law actually does protect us. The Information Technology Act contains two sections relevant to us. We have decided to extract the sections here because it is important that we all know what the law says:

Section 43 of the Information Technology Act: Penalty for damage to computer, computer system, etc.-
If any person without permission of the owner or any other person who is in charge of a computer, computer system or computer network- accesses or secures access to such computer, computer system or computer network downloads, copies or extracts any data, computer data base information from such computer, computer system or computer network including information or data held or stored in any removable storage medium.
Introduces or causes to be introduced any computer contaminant or computer virus into any computer, computer system or computer network;
Damages or causes to be damaged and computer, computer system or computer network, data, computer database or any other programmes residing in such computer, computer system or computer network;
Disrupts or causes disruption of any computer, computer system or computer network;
Denies or causes the denial of access to any person authorised to access any computer, computer system or computer network by any means;
Provides any assistance to any person to facilitate access to a computer, computer system or computer network in contravention of the provisions of this Act, rules or regulations made thereunder;
charges the services availed of by a person to the account of another person by tampering with or manipulating any computer, computer system or compute network he shall be liable to pay damages by way of compensation not exceeding one crore rupees to the person so affected.
Section 66 of the Information Technology Act: Hacking with Computer System -

(1) Whoever with the intent of cause or knowing that is likely to cause wrongful loss or damage to the public or any person destroys or deletes or alters any information residing in a computer resource or diminishes its value or utility or affects it injuriously by any means, commits hacking.
(2) Whoever commits hacking shall be punished with imprisonment up to three years, or with fine which may extend up to two lakh rupees, or with both.
Conclusion: Therefore, contrary to public perception, there is a lot that we in India can do. If you suffer from hacking or data theft, immediately file a complaint under both these Sections before the cyber-crime authorities in your city. You can find the address of the cyber-crime authorities in your city online. Remember to prepare and file the complaint under Section 43 and Section 66 of the Information Technology Act, 2000.
Although the fine of Rs. 1 crore is quite substantial, in reality Indian courts are unwilling to grant high compensations, so be prepared for a much lower quantum of compensation in practice.

note- hacking is a high paid job.

by sujeet kumar

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